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 Dailmer V8 Enginge ignition conversions.


The Daimler 2.5 L V8 engine fitted in the Dart, V8 and 250-V8 is a lighter, smoother and more powerful engine than those fitted to Mark II Jaguars of the period, but the 20D8 distributor cap it uses is expensive and the ignition leads are costly with the awkward spark plug boot extenders - which are themselves a potential failure point.


In addition the contact breaker and condenser switching in a standard distributor gives imprecise timing, limits the smooth running and power of the superb Daimler engine and requires regular maintenance to prevent engine efficiency rapidly deteriorating.


The solution is a Lumenition Daimler Ignition Conversion kit .


Dart adaptor ring By adding the ingenious adaptor ring to the distributor body the original cap, leads, points, rotor arm and condenser are removed (and can be kept should you wish to return the vehicle to original condition) and replaced with a OEM quality Rover V8 Distributor cap, an Optronic electronic ignition and a new, system-matched ignition coilplus a superior quality "red" Distributor Doctor rotor arm.  
 dart adaptor distributor 

The new cap is fitted with a tailored set of Lumenition Enduro50kv 8mm Silicone Performance ignition leads with integrated spark plug extenders.  These plug straight into the spark plug wells and seal the opening against the ingress of dirt and moisture.


Please note: Black 8mm leads are now supplied as standard with red leads available to order.

The conversion is available with the Standard Optronic ignition or in the Perfomance version (complete with constant energy ignition coil.)

Both options offer the no maintenance, reliability and smooth engine running you expect from the Optronic system plus all the advantages of superior quality conversion components, Rejuvenating engine performance and giving many miles of problem free motoring.


Please Note:  The performance system is not reccomended for positive earth vehicles where the Standard Optronic would normally be supplied.

Lumenition Performance Daimler Conversion kit (DCK001)  

   £350.00 Complete including VAT and carriage* 


 Lumenition Standard Daimler Conversion kit (DCK002)

   £318.00 Complete including VAT and carriage*


*Please note The included carriage cost is for delivery to a UK mainland destination. 

                     Delivery to another destination will incur additional delivery costs.

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