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Lumenition ECU Product Information

The Lumenition C-Series (Blue) ECU and the K-series ECU for K series Rover engines were the backbone of the classic car racing and rallying circuit.  With their use streching into fast road cars the ECUs are still highly regarded for their ease of tuning and "bullet-proof" reliability.

 Sadly Autocar retired from the ECU market some years ago and both product lines have now been discontinued. 

However there are many Lumenition ECU in regular use and we often get requests for product information and tuning software from new owners who wish to change a calibration or who have a particular problem with their vehicle.

We still support our discontinued ECU with advice, test and repair services and new calibration software sales.


Lumenition Throttle Bodies and Air Horns

Lumenition offers a ranges of single, dual and direct to head throttle bodies in a range of styles and fittings. 



We also supply throttle linkages, air horns, adaptable crank trigger wheels and throttle pots.


AS these products are supplied to order please go to the "Contact Us" page and send an email on your requirements or call us on (+44)(0) 20 7403 4334 where we can deal with you requirements more fully and offer our best price..


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