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Includes information on similar Pirahna ignitions systems

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In almost all cases, yes.  The current lamps and switching unit are manufactured very differently to earlier Piranha ignitions and use modern components and methods, but they are electrically and physically compatible to Piranha switching units and lamps manufactured from 35 years ago to the current day.


The motorcylce range should present no problem but the car ignitions may be more problematic.

Piranha switching units more than 10 years old were hand-soldered and over time can suffer from dry solder joints and track breaks.  Alternatively there might be a "lamp" fault

To check switching unit operation remove the connector at the base of the switching unit and flip out the backplate and circuit board.  Examine the PCB for brown burn marks or dry joints and re-solder where found. 


Look for breaks in the copper PCB track and repair any by soldering a piece of wire across the break.

Often this will get a circuit board working again.


Newtronic "surface mount" switching unit PCB we have manufactured for the last 10 years do not suffer from this problem.


A second issue might be similar soldering degradation in the optical switch ("lamp") wiring.  It is not easy to check this on the bike and they would have to be sent to us to check in our test bay.

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